GG-NEIGHBORSWhat might happen if we saw our neighborhoods and our communities as our primary mission fields? We’ve rounded up – and created – some fantastic resources to help you “engage missionally” this summer and beyond!

See below for downloads, books to check out, and other suggestions for living out the mission in your own backyard, and helping your community or family do the same!

And share your adventures online using #giveandgo – we’d love to see the fun! You can also send us pictures and stories at

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“Block Party in a Box”: From a simple get-together to a larger gathering (like a block party), this new resource from Watermark offers very practical steps, with wisdom drawn from Watermark people who have seen success reaching out to their neighbors in this way! Download it here

Backyard Bible Club guide: Interested in impacting kids in your own neighborhood (or maybe in the neighborhood of a friend)? This guide offers five great “days” with activities and Bible story, so you’ll have everything you need! Download it here

Local Ministries: Do you know of great ministries serving near where you live, work, or play? Remember that we trust our body as our “missions committee,” investing their time, talents, and treasures as God leads. But we can equip you for this process, too: Read the basics on how great ministries (that YOU identify) can become Ministry Partners of your Watermark campus. (Be sure to see the Lead the Way Track for an upcoming equipping event on this issue, too.)

Hands & Feet: Serving with Your Children: This excellent guide written by Watermark people gives great practical steps (and several specific ideas) for serving with kids as young as 2 years old (through elementary age or so). Don’t miss it – Download it here

Engaging Your Neighborhood School: If you’re interested in making a lasting impact with kids, impact their school! Whether your kids attend or not, there’s probably a school close to you that you could engage with. How should you get started? Download our recent seminar on this topic here.

The Art of Neighboring by Dave Runyon is excellent for individuals, families, and groups. (Get the book here.) In fact, there’s a FREE small group study guide located here.

Chuckwagon: Don’t forget, Watermark has a large grill available for members who are using it to reach their neighbors. Contact for info on being trained and reserving the Chuckwagon.

Field Guide for Everyday Mission: 30 days and 101 Ways to Demonstrate the Gospel by Ben Connelly and Bob Roberts, Jr., gives practical ways to live out your personal mission! Get the book here.

Easy “Block Map”: This great “block map” offers a great visual encouragement to meet and pray for your neighbors. Just fill in the names you know – and get to know the people you don’t! Download it here.

What does your city offer?: Your city – and maybe even your neighborhood – likely has a web site to discover events and activities. These can be great for connecting with neighbors, learning about your community, or inviting others to hang out – without needing to plan a thing!

Learn about your area: Discover facts about your city – things like employment, wages, education, and immigration – through easy-to-navigate maps! A great learning tool for your family, too. Click here


Engaging your neighbors begins with prayer. Read and discuss 1 Timothy 2:1-8 with your family and/or CG.

Pray for your neighborhood: Join the citywide Body of Christ in praying for families, house-by-house! lets you enter your address and then systematically pray for your neighbors by name. This can be an incredibly useful tool – give it a try!

Pray for your city: View DFW Metroplex prayer guides for different sectors of the city, or sign up to receive prayer emails –

Pray for the world: Sign up to receive daily emails, with prayer needs for a different country each day, at

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