GG-LEADWatermark is a church full of leaders – leaders of families, leaders within community groups, leaders among friends, and many who help lead ministries that impact hundreds. If you’re already leading or want to, how can you lead others to “step outside” and serve this summer? Check out the very special resources and opportunities below.

And share your adventures online using #giveandgo – we’d love to see the fun! You can also send us pictures and stories at

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Serving with Your Children: In this excellent resource, get tips for serving with your children (anywhere from 2 years-old through elementary-age) along with ELEVEN full projects for you to try this summer. Download it here

Family Serve site: Year-round, we’ve got a “Family Serve” site available with a variety of options for serving with your family. Check it out at

Family Discipleship Guide – Hunger: Help your kids learn about the issue of Hunger… and learn some things yourself along the way! We’ve put together several resources, including a cartoon and food donation discussion guide, to help:

Hands & Feet Projects: Join with other parents of very young children (2 to 5 years-old) and embark on service projects together this summer! Find them at their Facebook page here (it’s closed for privacy, so just request permission to join).

Numerous serving & giving opportunities this summer: Of course, the Hunger TrackKids Track, and Neighbors Track offer many opportunities to serve with your kids. Be sure to work through those lists and determine the best ways to serve, all summer long!


Straightforward Service: Have you joined this email list? Click here to sign up for Straightforward Service, a brief monthly synopsis of the newest or most strategic service opportunities. Especially great for the “Service Chair” in a community group, or anyone who wants to get the scoop on great opportunities to serve.

Leading your Community in Serving equipping event: Later this summer, we plan to offer equipping on this great (and fun) way to impact others AND your group in profound ways. Stay tuned for info, or join our Straightforward Service email list to get the update.

Service Chairs in every group: In your community group, who’s “leading the charge” for serving others? Why not you? Many groups have someone who takes the initiative to plan fellowship… what if every group had a “service chair,” keeping tabs on great service options and suggestion opportunities to the group.

Reach Your Neighbors with Your CG: Our brand-new “Block Party in a Box” gives practical instruction on organizing any sort of neighborhood gathering, with the hope of living out your mission in your community. One of the best forms of this happens when community groups get together and throw this party in one of the member’s neighborhoods. Download “Block Party in a Box” here

Group Study: When Helping Hurts: The Small Group Experience offers six lessons to learn biblical principles of poverty alleviation and answer the question, “How can we help without hurting others… and ourselves?” Purchase at Amazon

Group Study: The Art of Neighboring by Dave Runyon is excellent for jumping into your individual and group missions in your own backyard! (Get the book here.) In fact, there’s a FREE small group study guide located here.

Numerous serving & giving opportunities this summer: Of course, the Hunger TrackKids Track, and Neighbors Track offer many opportunities to impact as a group. Be sure to work through those lists and determine the best ways to serve, all summer long!

…And plenty of ongoing opportunities beyond that: You can also find ALL our Ministry Partners – with many additional opportunities to impact as individuals or a group – at


“Our Next Ministry Partner: Leading Our Church to Great Opportunities”: We recently held an equipping event on this topic for “ministry entrepreneurs” around Watermark! Whether you have been serving with a non-partner ministry, have a heart for a particular issue, or would enjoy leading our church into our “next frontier” of serving, this if for you!

When the audio is available, we’ll post that and the notes here. To receive it directly via email when it’s ready, contact

Identifying Service Opportunities in Fort Worth and Plano: Our newest Watermark campuses continue to work toward a developed “External Focus” approach – and you can help! If you’re interested in playing a part, please contact for Plano or for Fort Worth.

New leadership opportunities with our Partners: If you are actively serving with one of our local Ministry Partners, passionate about serving externally, and are interested in potentially leading within that ministry or another, we want to know! Please contact for more information.

“So You Want to Start a Ministry?: A Roadmap for Kingdom Entrepreneurs”: Do you have a dream to actually start a ministry, whether inside the church or outside? We regularly hear from leaders who see a need in their world and want to meet that need! It’s not an easy road – but we’ve designed this resource to coach you. Download it here


One way you can “lead the way” is by serving with our newest Ministry Partners at your campus! Let us cast the vision for three great ministries:


Exodus Ministries empowers formerly incarcerated women with a second chance at rebuilding their lives – not only for themselves but for their families. Many of these women have to live with the painful aftermath of being separated from their children for many years – and not having the immediate finances to sustain their family once reunited. Exodus invests back into these women and their families by serving their spiritual and physical needs so that they can once again become productive members of society. At this small apartment complex in East Dallas, these women have the life-changing opportunity to become all God wants them to be by growing in the Lord, developing life and money management skills, finding employment, and more – all while becoming a positive influence for their children, too. By equipping these ladies with the courage to restore their lives through the redemptive power of Christ, they can break the cycle of the generations behind them.

For more info or to jump in, contact · web page:

RECLAIMED (Connect from any campus)

Slavery is still a very real and tragic epidemic in our day. Sex trafficking in Dallas alone generates an estimated $100 million per year. Women are manipulated, abused and sold – leaving Texas ranked at number two in trafficking crimes within the U.S. Reclaimed aims to bring light into this dark world by mobilizing the local church to partner in the fight, right in our backyard. By empowering the body to redefine a hyper-sexualized culture, restore victims of the sex industry, and reach those hurt by the abuse of participants, Reclaimed combats the roots and symptoms of trafficking. Through the mercy and power of Jesus Christ, Reclaimed strives to revive the value and worth of all human life… because He has called us each by name.

This summer, Reclaimed is planning a service project with a local partner, a volunteer social event, and equipping events. To join those, hear more, or get involved in other ways, contact

OURCALLING (Dallas or Plano)

Every night in Dallas, thousands of people sleep outside. OurCalling is dedicated to seeking out these men and women in need – whether by venturing under bridges, looking behind liquor stores, or reaching out to families living out of their cars. This is more than a ministry but is a movement, leading homeless people to Christ and making disciples on the streets. OurCalling helps break the cycle of dysfunctional living and brings practicality to life change – by teaching people how to apply God’s word to daily life and providing addiction recovery, one-on-one mentorship, and resources. Their calling is to meet real needs – while letting the outcast know that they are not forgotten, that God loves them, and that He is desperately seeking them.

The easiest “on-ramp” for OurCalling this summer is their Third Saturday Resource Distribution. All other Saturdays are a chance to join “Search and Rescue,” helping meet homeless individuals on the streets to pray with them and offer them options if desired. To hear about these and other opportunities or to ask questions, contact Web site:



This summer, we have the opportunity to reach kids near Watermark’s Clinic in Lake Highlands (near Skillman & LBJ)! Organize and lead a “backyard Bible club”-style event one time or on various days through the summer. We can provide you with materials and ideas if needed (and help you find additional volunteers), but we need leaders! Contact if you’re interested.


As Watermark people have developed relationships with West Dallas kids, some have joined Watermark’s Student Ministries! So the next step is to develop small groups that can help those kids find deeper community and a group to hang with at Watermark. Would you be willing to step up for this awesome leadership opportunity? Contact if you’re interested or have questions.


If you want to impact the working poor in a meaningful way and enjoy teaching others about biblical stewardship, then Faith & Finances may be for you! Faith & Finances is a 12-week course designed by The Chalmers Institute, specifically for low-income adults. The curriculum addresses the challenges the materially poor face and helps them rediscover their God-given dignity.

Several Watermark members have begun building a team of volunteers to facilitate the Faith & Finances class within our Ministry Partners. If you are interested in learning more about serving and leading in the community through financial education and empowerment, please contact Richard Potts at


For years, Watermark had a ministry called MMLJ, devoted to small “fix-it” projects. They would serve Ministry Partners, senior adults at Watermark, and others with a special need. This is also a great chance to connect with and disciple men and women who want to use their abilities in this way. We would love to reboot this ministry – but as always, our opportunity stands and falls on leadership from our body. If you are qualified to lead, have a heart for discipleship as well as serving outside Watermark’s walls, and could potentially help strategize and create this ministry, please contact


Our Watermark volunteer team at Interfaith Housing Coalition has been given a unique opportunity to lead a Bible study for adult residents, starting this summer! Bible studies will be held at IHC on the first Tuesday and first Thursday of each month, from 7-9pm. The team needs leaders to help get this exciting opportunity off the ground, so please contact for more information. Learn more about IHC at


2ndSaturday is reaching lives, restoring hope, and redeeming community in West and South Dallas. Their home restoration work on the second Saturday of each month always draws a huge crowd, but 2ndSaturday needs leaders to help them accomplish their mission.

Site Leaders help facilitate a restoration through the length of the project. They’ll connect with the homeowner, coordinate delivery of materials, cast a vision with volunteers for what’s taking place, and help oversee the work. While it’s always great having leaders with contracting/construction experience, that’s not required for this position.

Team Leaders dive into the overall work of 2ndSaturday. They can do a variety of things: helping setup / tear down on second Saturdays, giving announcements, working a merchandise table, helping with fundraising, graphic design, serving homeowners outside of the monthly restoration events, etc. If you’ve got skills and a heart for their work, 2ndSaturday would love for you to lead!

Contact about either of these leadership opportunities.

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For questions not answered by the contacts above, email

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